Why TSP?

Quality... No Scratching, No Marring.

Simplicity... 100% Memory, Always.

Savings... No cleaning cost, No metal finishing on sheet metal.


Ergonomically engineered paint assist tools for easy use with minimal coaching.


Parts are founded upon years of safety data.


No paint flaking, scratching or shadowing due to paint tools.


System carries less weight, resulting savings: in utilities, maintenance, motor, and conveyor repair.


Limited metal finishing to sheet metal panels due to proper tool usage.


100% tool memory reduces misalignment or misuse and insures significant reduction in tool

replacement or repair.


Tool durability has allowed it to be used as an alignment device (check in pictures) for hoods, doors

trunks and hatches.


Time savings gained in overall paint process.(average 9 minutes per line)


Dual usage of tools as alignment guides reduces process time and materials.


The reduction in errors and defects will raise employee morale on multiple levels.


The ability to increase first time through output allows plants to feel confident.


Achieving great savings with minimal changes and cost


Plastic Tooling from TSP reduces cost of metal tool rework saving up to 63%.


Improved installation timing and quality at minimum; saving approximately $240,000.


Total known saving 1.2 million per plant per year (detailed study and report given upon request).


Cleaning cost for paint tools is eliminated.


Durability of mold design allows for inexpensive replacement costs versus metal tool replacement costs.



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