About TSP

Your one-stop-shop for cost-saving plastic or metal tools, automated tooling devices and manufacturing assists for automated assemblies. We provide technological choices that simplify operations, reduce production cost and maximize labor productivity.


If you have an assembly complication that needs to be fixed or need to make production more manageable, quicker or budget-smarter. Tooling Solutions Plus is the resource you can rely on for immediate response in meeting your objectives for needed assembly solutions. We at TSP as on-location troubleshooters, function as communicators and coordinators to assist multi-operation processes and manufacturing assembly efforts. In addition, TSP provides any long-term maintenance that may be necessary for metal, plastic or automated-style tooling solutions.


Tooling Solutions Plus is a collaboration of different companies that can offer you the best of all fields consisting of Engineering, Injections Molding, Metaforming, Machining, Laser cutting, Welding, CNC Milling, and More.


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